rotor bones

  1. N

    Straight 13-370 motor mount plans

    Hello i was looking at the FT site for the plans of the Rotor Bones motor mount Straight 13-370 i found the landing gear part but not the motor plate some one have the plans? TY in advance
  2. T

    Just crashed my new Rotor Bones Spider Quad HELP NEEDED

    Hey Everyone, I need some help on this. I just maidened my new rotor bones spider quad and everything went well. The next day I flew again and the quad pitched forward several times and gained so much forward momentum that it slammed into my shed. I am flying with a KK2.1.5 control board with...
  3. tikaro

    Anycopter is crashing really well (not being sarcastic.) Video!

    Hi, forum! Thanks to help from the folks here, I got my Rotor Bones Anycopter X quad running. I stuck a Mobius ActionCam onto it, and after two days of cursing at the camera, got it working properly by installing the new firmware (again, thanks to help in the forums.) ANYHOW, here is my very...
  4. C

    Tricopter - Rotor Bones - New Build

    This is my first tri-copter and actually first anything RC related. I'm slowly piecing everything together and am enjoying the journey. I'm attaching the motors, props, etc and wanted to post a picture of the current state so I can confirm that I'm on the right path. I have two questions: 1...
  5. R

    Is anyone selling a full assembled tricopter?

    Just wondering if anyone is selling their tricopter. If not ill just order everything from FT/HK. Let me know. Thanks Homies! Keith
  6. D

    Rotor Bones

    Did anyone notice the skull and crossbones shadow on Chad's new video? RotorBones!