1. D

    Help! New forum very old machine

    Hello! I am new to the hobby and new to these forums. I have a Rotor bones drone kit. I put it together many years ago never flew it and kept it in storage. Now that I am older I wanted to see whether or not it would actually fly. I tried turning it on but the receiver did not light up, so I...
  2. Mastrmindz

    Flight Time with the Rotorbones Tri

    Hey everyone! A few months ago, I built the FT rotorbones tricopter and have had a blast with it. One issue that I have is flight time. Using a 2100mAh 3s battery, I only get between 5-6 minutes of flight. Does that sound low, and if so, any suggestions on how to increase the flight time...
  3. 1

    Anycopter Electrohub for sale

    Brand newbie in my infancy of crashing doesn't want to crash this nice hub. I ordered a wood Anycopter hub and got a plastic Electrohub with solder points. I asked where the wood ones are and the reply was to go with this. Offers?
  4. RotateB4TheEnd

    My First Quadcopter Experiences

    Hey all, At the beginning of the summer, my grandpa approached me and said that he'd like me to hunt down a quadcopter for him that he could fly and use for aerial photography. This would be my first quad and his first RC project. Here is a fraction of my experience with the quad. I chose the...
  5. E

    Batbone Plans

    Hi, Are the CAD plans available for the batbone series yet? I'd like to look into adapting them for DT750's (as per David's original Tricopter design) I could start designing from scratch again but would like to make it swapable with people who already have pieces. Also incorporate a V-Tail...