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    Looking for advice RotorX V3 or Vortex 150

    Hello, I have been flying LOS toy grade quads for about 1 year, six months ago I bought a Taranis XD9 Plus and started using it to practice on the LiftOff simulator, now I want to enter in the real FPV world starting with a mini but powerful quad. I did some research, watched a ton of videos...
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    I have some kind of weird throttle ESC issue... any advice?

    I just built an Atom v2, relatively simple to put together. Thing is, my motors aren't smooth at all - in fact, take-off is a hot stuttering mess until I'm at like, 65% throttle, and then I can fly but it certainly doesn't feel 'locked in'. My Tiny Whoop feels more locked in. I've put it on...