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    Minor crash and now my quad gets no input.

    So I powerlooped on an extremely flat battery (stupid) and couldn't pull out, so I plopped down relatively lightly in the grass. I didn't lose telemetry (lua, voltage, ex.), but the fc is getting no sbus signal. Connections are all good. I tried a different receiver, no luck. I also tried to...
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    Out of control - need help on initial setup

    Out of control - need help on initial setup [solved] hello! im just setting up a new quad, with an F3 and frsky receiver - i could successfully bind, but for some reason im not getting the control inputs in cleanflight the receivers SBUS connection is on CH3 of the flight controller (ofc i...
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    New OrangeRx R620X V2 6Ch Sbus Receiver/ Maybe

    I cant get my V2 R620 to work with my DX6i. It will bind but on cleanflight receiver tab it does nothing. Using naze 32 with rx serial made and sbus serial recevier provider and the rx one uart2 on receiver is Sbus What should I do?:mad:
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    Taranis X9D PLUS - Deal!! for US lower 48 states only.

    Good afternoon everyone. I've been chatting it up with Bruce Dally at Ubuyadrone.com. Now I don't know Bruce personally but I do know that he runs a little online hobby shop based out of Florida, and I also know that he has secured a number (35 i think) of Taranis X9D Plus, transmitters and is...