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Pumpkin drop event

scale build off

  1. joker24458

    Scale Build Off - Scratchbuilt 96" P-38 Lightning

    Here is the documentation of my approximately 14-month build of the P-38 Lightning. There were some embarrassingly long breaks and dry spells in between the building, as it was difficult at times to stay motivated to build when I just wanted to grab the transmitter and fly, or relax or do...
  2. rockyboy

    Scale Build-Off - Mignet HM.14 Flying Flea

    As a fun challenge that will still fit in my limited plane storage space, I'm going to see how far I can go building a Flying Flea Mignet HM.14 indoor flyer using the el-cheapo Banggood $15 kit. http://www.banggood.com/TY-Model-NO_7-292mm-Wingspan-Wood-Park-Flyer-RC-Airplane-KIT (Image from...
  3. joker24458

    Scale Build-Off - Scratchbuilt 62" BF109 E-3

    Here's my entry for the Scale Build-Off contest. It is a scratchbuilt BF109 E-3 with a 62" wingspan. First off, I have already started this build and covered the plane, but that was after the contest started (I started the build on Feb 7th 2015). *** Big "thank you" to Marc Stermer. I've asked...