scale looks

  1. Taildragger

    FTFC23: Build-ruary by Taildragger

    Build-ruary Build Log by Taildragger Table of contents: Piper PA-16 Kitfox STi (FireFox) Magnus FusionUL Rans S-7 Trainer
  2. cdfigueredo

    SBD Dauntless from scratch (Scale looking)

    Hey, guys, I've been out of the hobby for a while, and it's time to come back. This time I'm going to go for my first really scale looking project, or at least something close to it. These are some images that I found on the internet of the plastic kits with a really amazing finish. Of course...
  3. Flyer4god

    Modified Mini Mustang for scale looks

    I really really like Mini Mustang and it was really really bothering me it didn't really really look like a Mustang. So, here are some mods I tried to get it closer to "really really" :) Scale leading edge with elevated firewall for scale spinner position: B trim (I really really like B)...