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  1. B

    FT Mustang Scale?

    Hi, I'm building a FT Mustang for the first time. What is the approximate scale of the model? I would like to be able to purchase the appropriate sized decals for the plane.
  2. A

    How to enlarge and print 3 view scale plans for model aircraft.

    Using Microsoft Office Publisher and any printer I demonstrate how you can scale up a 3 view drawing to any size you desire to build off. Ideal for the scratch semi or scale builder of RC model aircraft. Goto http://youtu.be/WtWtjY8vuxY to see my RC electric semi scale model aero plane of a...
  3. D

    Mini Beechcraft Baron G58 - Opinions and suggestions appreciated/wanted/needed

    First off a little background information: As you could already tell from from my name, my favorite aircraft of all time is the Beechcraft Baron G58 and I have been desperately tried to find any kind of easy to build (or to buy) foamie models of this beauty. Unfortunately, the only ones I could...
  4. esbirabbit

    Scale Trainers

    I think it would be really cool if there were scale trainers. There are two in particular I would really like to see: -Westland Lysander - De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk Keep up the good work!
  5. R

    Sovereign CTX-5

    CTX-5 for sale brand new in box un-opened. $450
  6. Epic

    Now this is REAL fpv!

    www.youtube.com/watch?v=L75ESD9PBOw Need I say more?
  7. airplayn

    1940 BC-65 Taylorcraft,1951 Bellanca 14/19 Cruisemaster,1959 Piper PA24-180 Comanche

    I've found that nothing beats getting your hands on an example of the actual full scale aircraft to get a good start at designing and building a great scale model. So, If you're interested in modelling or flying antique Classic aircraft getting that one great design built and flying I have a...
  8. H

    Design own decals

    I tried finding a suitable sub-forum for this, and I figured this is the best place to post this question. I'm looking at painting my FT Simple Storch in scale-friendly colors, specifically this: http://gasketstogo.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/4704.jpg...
  9. S

    Which scale do you use to weigh your airplanes?

    I'm still pretty new to the hobby but am starting to learn the math for various aeronautical calculations. Clearly many of them require you know the weight of the plane. Which scale do yo use to calculate weight? I was thinking about using a postal scale, does this sound like a good idea?
  10. J

    Newbs flying with 2200mah batteries

    Hey everyone, my friends and I are head over heals excited about getting into flying RC planes, but we have a major impediment... We live in Iceland. There are some problems with living in Iceland, mostly if you want something that you can't buy in the supermarket, it's very likely to be hard...
  11. S

    Insane detail level on RC - Yak 130

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forums here, but I've watched tons of your videos sofar. I came across this video today, I didn't find any info on it by searching the forums here, so I decided to add it as a new post. This guy really takes precision and level of details on RC to another level.. Like...
  12. C

    Wolfe Field Bray,Ok

    Wolfe Field in Bray, OK with an actual 2,600 X 35 foot paved full scale private runway with no transition to the 1/4 mile long grass runway next to the paved one. This was their first event to showcase the field and the OKSS had a great time http://youtu.be/3DGMgM-I7rY
  13. fliteadmin

    DH Tiger Moth RAF 912mm (PNF)

    Official Flite Test Build Log & Review Hobby King - DH Tiger Moth RAF 912mm (PNF) by: Eric Monroe (shadow74) The Tiger Moth can be best described as Iconic, it was developed from the very succesful Gipsy Moth and designed by Geoffrey De Havilland in the 1930s to meet Air Ministry...