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  1. T

    Shipping during flitefest?

    Hi! Let me start off by introducing myself to this community. I LOVE flite test and i’ve been a fan since I was 9, which was back in 2013. After 5 long years, I finally decided to lay off of RTF planes and go build my own, since I keep finding myself clueless on how to repair them. On Tuesday, I...
  2. T

    Package issues

    I ordered about $700 worth of planes for a school club recently, the order showed up today but was missing two power packs and a speed build kit. The items were listed on the packing slip but were not contained in the box. I emailed FT support about the issue but from reading around the forum...
  3. JimCR120

    Shipping Cheers & Jeers

    Some of you might know I've been drooling over the Excalibur. Thursday, just after midnight (making it actually Friday), I ordered one along with a bunch of other things for me and a friend coming into the hobby. The order was split because the charger and 1 LiPo was not available in the US...
  4. Snarls

    Banggood Shipping Time

    I am planning on buying a few things from Banggood for the first time and want to know how fast their priority direct mail is from the CN warehouse. I know it says 6-9 days under the name, but from experience with Hobbyking, the shipping time is rarely what they claim. Also how fast do they go...
  5. rcwingman

    Cheapest Shipping international letter with tracking number from US to Sweden

    Hello, What are the prices for a 100g international letter including trackingnumber from US to Sweden? Size should be 20x15x2cm. Anybody knows that? From Sweden to US its 5,60 Euro for priority mail including tracking number
  6. F

    What to do if your foam sheet has no "protecting paper" on it?

    Hi guys, I'm brazilian and here there is no dollar tree, in other words, the foam here is expensive and hard to find, I bought Depron and it didn't come with that paper on it, I am going to make a FT Mustang and I am afraid of braking it while doing the wing. Do you have any idea of how I should...
  7. A

    Delayed Packing and Shipping

    Hi everyone, I don't want to create a negative vibe on this forum regarding HK, but am I the only one experiencing a delay in orders being packed and shipped. I placed an order last week Saturday for a few spares to finish my new extra 300 sctrach build, and today is Friday ( 6 days later)...