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Pumpkin drop event

show idea

  1. CatholicFlyer

    Continuation Of The Idea of Peter To Attach Planes Together

    I saw a plane that has the idea of Peter where they attach two planes together, called the Stratolaunch. This huge double plane is still in testing, as a new way to launch space shuttles from the Stratus Phere, but if you could take the idea of Peter, where he attached those three small planes...
  2. D

    Dave Herbert, The NightFlyyer

    I was just watching Dave Herberts latest video on night flying helicopters and fixed wing in the '70s. You guys like stories about using RC to connect with people in a positive way and that is what the NightFlyyer has done with his hobby for over 40 years. He is a pioneer in the hobby from...
  3. A

    High start glider tow from RC boat

    For an episode i think it would be cool to scratch build a waterproof glider and do a high start by using a RC boat on a lake. And maybe do a challenge where 2 teams of 2 scratch build a glider, do a high start by being pulled from a RC boat on water, with one person controlling the boat and the...
  4. G

    A Very Unique Show Idea using the Cockpit Ground Station

    I would like to make the CGS (Cockpit Ground Station) available for a show if the Flitetest crew would like to consider it. If there are fans that want to see more of it then just what is in my Flitetest articles then please let the crew know and I will do what I can to make it happen. For...
  5. B

    SUGGESTION: 3rd person flying

    OK, here´s the idea: Two pilots with planes (you can try multirotors if this won´t work out later). The second plane has FPV and tries to follow the first one as good as possible. Now here comes the tricky part: The pilot of the first plane also is flying off the FPV signal of the following...
  6. M

    Show Idea...Space!

    Hello Guys, I had an idea for a project....FPV from SPACE (or near space). I searched Youtube and sure enough David tried it already. After watching the video, he has experience and I have a feeling he would like to land a little closer to home. This would be an epic challange, hope you try it...
  7. uLightMe

    Show Suggestion: FPV dog-fight with ribbons

    This is my first post at FliteTest. I'm new to the hobby and I'm really enjoying the show you guys put out. I wanted to contribute and as you're always asking for Show Suggestions. Mine is: Air Combat with ribbons. Make it a competition with the winner getting the trophee shampane and...
  8. M

    Show idea: In response to latest episode - X8 vs Skywalker vs Zephyr vs Bixler

    Since it was suggested, I think it would be a great idea to compare the most popular FPV platforms and highlight their advantages and disadvantages. Especially since you have the FPV expert David with you, I could imagine this becoming a very interesting show. In fact, a scratch built FPV...