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  1. nhk750


    Here we go, starting a build thread before I even have the kit! It will be months before my workbench is cleared and ready to start on this one, but I need to research and study power systems and parts until then. So, I could use input on questions if anyone out there has done this plane in...
  2. exceptionboy

    Kadet LT 40

    I'm building a foam replica of a kadet LT 40 I owned a few years back. I know it's a trainer plane, but it was quite a fun plane inverted three feet of the flying field. Anyway I have found enough info to get it looking like it's older brother but I don't know what size motor/battery to use...
  3. D

    New Trainer Swappable

    I built a Versa Wing and decided that I wanted something slower and more stable for helping others get started in RC. I had flown balsa trainers when I learned to fly 30 yrs ago and thought that might be a good way to go. Here is my Versa Wing and power pod. I then downloaded a profile view...