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signal loss

  1. nhk750

    Loss of signal around school building!

    I fly in this football field near my house at a school when it is closed and sometimes lose total signal. This is the only place I have ever lost signal when flying. I fly the Tiny Trainer there with a Spektrum AR400 receiver and my DX8G2. When I put my micro FPV setup on the TT it will also...
  2. M

    FPV signal loss at ~ 200ft

    Hey all, To start, I'm a NOOB. My problem is that I loose FPV signal at around 200 - 300 ft. I am using a Skyzone 200 FPV from Hobbyking (Quanum Complete FPV Bundle Set w/ Goggles, 5.8GHz 32ch Video TX & RX, CP Antennas and Camera (PNF)) I have the TX and Camera running off a 500mah 2s and the...