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    Scratch Building SkySurfer

    Hey guys, I'm Suvansh I have been working on a skysurfer, totally scratch built, designed in sketchup. the wing span of the plane 1500mm, the plane was actually designed for 8mm foam board as the one which you guys use(4mm) isnt available here(where I live), and the foam board is a lot...
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    Disney Bixlar, i mean, Pixar Planes Movie

    Hi, * This is my first post, and it is for one simple reason ... * What should I name this model? * While hopefully raise money to equip it for FPV, I decided to fix my Skysurfer aka Bixler, but give him an appearance as they used in the next Disney movie Planes... * So, someone help me? * I'll...
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    GPS connection problems help

    I am just getting into fpv and I have run into a snag. I have major issues with My GPS, I am running Cyclopes OSD 1.5 and a 400mw 1.2 GHZ video system with a low pass filter and the only way I can get any GPS signal is by removing the OSD and GPS from the plane and moving the GPS as far from the...