1. D

    FT Racer, new build more motor question

    I have built quite a few FT planes from both plans and speed build kits and my favorite plane has been the FT Racer (Slinger?) design. It has a wonderful speed envelope and is such a beautiful plane in the air. Unfortunately this past weekend it met its end, it flew a great 1.5hr session on...
  2. S

    Introducing the Blue Demon (FT Racer)

    Here is my interpretation of David Windestal's Speed Demon/Ripslinger Haven't maidened her yet but hopefully later today or tomorrow.
  3. Formori

    FT Racer (Slinger) First Build

    I've watched all of the swappable series videos and loved the idea of building my own plane (I only have a very small Firefly trainer ATM) but thought that for the work/time investment that most of the plans require it might not work as well for me as a beginner (I'm too poor to buy speedbuild...