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  1. C

    Help! How do you reinforce DIY foam skis with plastic?

    Now that it's winter I built my first FT Snowballs for some winter fun. I waterproofed one with packaging tape and the other with 2 coats of minwax. I also made a pair of skis for my FT Bushwacker. The Bushwacker flew great with the skis! But I noticed that the ice of a parking lot is pretty...
  2. K

    FT snowball rolls hard right and dives, HELP

    I converted a speed build kit FT Nutball , into a snowball with the conversion kit. I am using the B Power pack as recommended. The CG balanced, slightly nose heavy. On it's maiden, it scooted across the snow and took off only to roll hard right and dive into the ground several attempts. Can...
  3. Techno

    Scratch-Built "Pontoon Plank" (Inspired by the Snowball)

    "Pontoon Plank" (Inspired by the Snowball) Inspired by Flitetest's Snowball (Thanks) As some of us know, earlier today, flitetest's snowball episode came out. Like many I have been aching to fly since last year. I had also seen some other people's ways of coping with the blizzards...