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  1. O

    minimOSD with Mavlink & TauLabs - It works, but doesn't

    hey guys, I've been working with this sparky board trying to get some cool features setup, so far I think I have it ready to fly and tune on an airframe (BNV). My last challenge before I install everything is to figure out whats the matter with my OSD. It boots up and gives some startup...
  2. Robbie

    Sparky VS Naze32 - Discuss

    My Friend..... His naze32 recently stopped working (he is terrible at troubleshooting). He is insisting that he should spend more money on a Sparky flight controller rather then buying another Naze32. I pointed out that all the top pilots still fly the Naze. What are your thoughts on this...
  3. N

    Cleanflight vs. Baseflight

    Morning all, Since I'm getting my first naze32 board soon I started researching the firmware options for the board and have made a couple of obseravations. 1. Timecop isn't a friendly person and likes to protect his castle. 2. Baseflight is built for 8 bit processors, the naze32 is 32 bit...