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  1. P

    Neon Spear

    This is my 2nd Spear... my first one which wasn't maker foam took a horrible nose dive when I lost the receiver somehow. This one I am taking a page off the ZOHD Neon.
  2. duckduckgoose

    Best long range power setup for FT spear

    Hi all, so I'm about half way through my second FT SPEAR build and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a long range power setup. In my last build I had a sunnysky 2216 1250kv motor spinning a 9x4.5 inch prop powered by a 3200mah 4s. This setup did get me around 20 minutes of flight...
  3. 1

    Introducing the Kraken Spear Solar Project

    Hello all from a town near Toronto, Canada. This is my first post and l hope it turns out to be a good one!? For my Capstone Project l am building a 3metre wingspan solar powered model based on, as the title implies, the fusion of the FT Kraken and the FT Spear. My inspiration for this project...
  4. S

    My FT Spear

    This was my first foamboard FT build (I have an electrohub copter awaiting completion), and so my technique isn't as polished as J. Bixler, but I managed to get it built, in only twice the estimated time! :) I took her out on her maiden today, still need a little tuning. I set my rate a bit low...
  5. R

    Looking for sea plan or amphibian ideas.

    I built the FT Sea Duck and I am now hooked on sea planes. I am interested in building existing sea planes and also "aquafying" other designs. I aquafied a FT Kraken into a Sea Kraken, and aquafied a FT Spear into a Sea Spear. This FT Foam is great stuff!