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speed controller

  1. Bob_Curtains

    R and Esc Help Needed!

    Hi Guys, need help. Went to the flying field today with my newly completed FT Racer with "the Beef" power setup from Lazertoyz. I have a Spectrum DX5e Tx with a ARE 00 RX. I plugged in the new ESC to the RX throttle input and plugged in battery. Tried servos and working ok. Tried motor and...
  2. B

    Old servo as a DC speed controller?

    I'm looking into making an ultra small ultra light fully controllable indoor scratch build plane. I've been playing with 3gram servos, I've stripped the servo apart and centred the pot so now I have a rc motor that runs forward and back at a controllable speed. Only problem is its not got the...
  3. N

    Speed controllers and motors

    Hi, I am about to build my first tricopter and would like to know if I can put any motor with any speed controller? Thanks, Nighthawk39