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spektrum dx6i

  1. Ko_badg

    Loosing hope... Discontinued transmitter.. Unable to find replacement antenna (Dx6i)

    Hi everyone...first post but getting desperate.. I've been trying to find a new antenna for my Dx6i, as I don't fly much of anything anymore..and the other day when I went to go fly, I dropped the transmitter and it broke the antenna piece at the top. While it does still work..aesthetically it...
  2. D

    Trying to "tame" a Vortex 150

    I'm moderately new to the hobby and recently bought a Vortex 150 from Flite Test. As usual, the order was quickly filled. Binding to a Spektrum DX6i was no problem, but the quad is almost too much for me to handle in the horizontal mode. With the ailerons and elevator I've dialed down the...
  3. T

    newbie needs help!

    my names Tom and im really new to this hobby. My problem is that i can not get my Tx and Rx to work together on my quadcopter that i am trying to build. my Tx is a Dx6i and the Rx is an AR610. The flight controller is a mini cc3d with angled pins. I have soldered all 4 esc to the motor and pdb...
  4. S

    Spektrum dx6i/receiver problem after binding total newbie with first build??

    I hope someone has some help for this. I am a newbie to RC, have electronics training and have built custom computers so have some background experience that should be helpful. My problem is with a tricopter. I am using a kk2 board with 1.6. I am sure I have everything hooked up properly and...
  5. N

    Spektrum dx6i plane / heli mode for tricopter

    Hi, I'm looking to build my first tricopter and I'm finding it difficult to get information on how to set up my Spektrum dx6i transmitter. Some posts have it in plane mode while others have it in heli, can someone please help me by listing the pro's and cons for each in this situation.
  6. S

    problems with my dx6i!

    so i bound the controller to my super cub lp. and everything works no problems. Except when the throttle keeps cutting out so i went and fixed it with throttle cut settings. so i got flying flew a little bit and then it went to power cut of i only got about four minutes when i usually get 10. is...
  7. T

    Video of How to Repair a Broken DX6i antenna!

    Here is a video I made showing how to fix a Broken DX6i Antenna