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  1. Hionimi

    Pure DJI F450 project.

    Hi, just wanted to share some experience I've recently been having with the DJI Flame Wheel kit, with Naza Lite + GPS. The idea was to build a pure DJI machine, safe for the receiver and battery. I don't have the build report but honestly there isn't much creativity in building it since...
  2. FlyingMaddLadd

    Spektrum DX9 - Unboxing and Quick Review.

    Hello Guys! I got a Spektrum DX9 transmitter as my Christmas present. Today i recorded a Simple unboxing video and a quick review/run-over of the Tx. I got it from a local hobby shop which got it from Horizon Hobby. If your looking for a High Tech, Quality Tx that will last be sure to check...
  3. Foam Addict

    DSM2 nightmares.

    I know that I'm just opening up an old can of worms, but I have to relate these events. I was recently the Cadet commander of a Civil Air Patrol activity known as MARC in California. It teaches the cadets to fly and solo their first year, and repeat cadets are taught 3D and Limited pattern...
  4. cwozny

    Kinetic 800 RC Receiver Mounting Inquiry

    Hey guys, I've got a quick question. I purchased one of the Kinetic 800s by Hobby King and am wondering about mounting an RC receiver in it. I know to keep the antenna whiskers perpendicular to each other, but I'm wondering how you guys actually mounted it. I've got a Spektrum AR600 and it's a...
  5. JimCR120

    Spektrum DSM2 Users

    I bought my son a DX-5e a few years ago and at first it seemed to work fine. However now my very proficient pilot of a son has lost connection with the receivers and we are losing confidence in this setup. We would have simply bailed-out on this system if it wasn't for the mSR, the ultra-micro...