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    SkyZone TS5823 5.8GHz 32CH A/V 200mW Mini FPV Transmitter (v2)

    Hey all, Looking to get this setup: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__63114__SkyZone_TS5823_5_8GHz_32CH_A_V_200mW_Mini_FPV_Transmitter_v2_.html but want to trash the linear antenna and go with a RHCP clover leaf/spironet to match up with my Teleporter v4 goggles. What should I go...
  2. S

    Range problem after installing Spironet Cloverleaf for FPV

    Hi. I have a problem with my new fatshark cloverleaf antenna. It just arrived yesterday and I immediatly fitted it and went for a fly. I could see right away that the quality of the picture was way better than the stock antenna. When I was just 150-200 meters out, and still with a solid picture...