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  1. utnuc

    vidSmooth: new, free open source video stabilization software

    Hey guys, I wanted to share an open source project of mine vidSmooth that takes any input video and outputs a stabilized version in high quality mp4/h264 format. I'm just now getting into fpv for fixed wings, and wrote this software for this community to make viewing fpv videos a little less...
  2. O

    FrSky S6R Receiver and built in stabilizer

    So I got my hands on the FrSky S6R Receiver, I went ahead and ordered the STK programmer with it as you'll find in other threads it's necessary to properly program the RX (with out beta firmware). the first thing I did was connect it and upgrade to the latest firmware. the STK* includes an...
  3. L

    Quadcopter beginner here - need help regarding stabilization

    Hey there! I've just completed my Q450 quadcopter build with 25A SimonK Escs, SunnySky 920kv motors and a KK2.1 flight controller. When trying to obtain a hover, the thing just falls over. I think i've might found the error, but don't know which component is the faulty one. When i hold the...
  4. T

    Help! Pixhawk stabilization issue

    I am running a dji flame wheel f450 equipped with a 3DR Pixhawk autopilot system. The problem is that no matter how low I set the pid values the copter sill oscillates. I have replaced the board once already and saw the exact same thing happen with the second board. I ran a test of the sensors...