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    FT Simple soarer, Can I get a little help from my friends?

    Frame: FT Simple soarer (speed build) 3ch. Prop: 9x4.7sf Power plant: Emax 2280kv (plans call for 1300kv) Power source: Kinexsis 800mAh 2S Servos: 8.5g I can not get this thing in the air. I have been fighting this thing for weeks now. The last time it crashed I thought I was going to jump...
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    Tricopter Motor Stall

    Hi everyone! I am having some issues with my tricopter that I built recently, when I'm flying the tri one of the motors will stall for a second then come back on. It does this randomly when it's flying and has not resulted in a crash yet. The set up is David's Tricopter Design with Afro 30amp...
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    Spitfire Help

    So I have just recently built a spitfire from the speed build kit, went to go give it the maiden flight and of course something goes wrong, the motor (SUPPO 2208/14 1450KV BRUSHLESS MOTOR) will start up and go up to about 2/3 throttle, once it goes any higher it will suddenly stop and create...