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  1. K3V0

    FTFC20: Build-ruary by K3V0 (Build Skill: 3 Pilot Skill: 2 ,I crash a lot)

    1. Kitfox 2. Ft Storch 3. Ft Sea Duck 4. Ft Versa The first week of the challenge is almost done so I figured I better get this thread going😁 New box of servos, fresh BEC, 2 new receivers. I’m ready to spend a significant amount of time building airplanes and then smash them into the ground!
  2. H

    Stock Batbone motors really hot

    I am running an almost stock batbone tricopter the only changes are the escs to 30 amp ( just what was in stock at the time) and 8 4.5 props instead of the recommended 8 4 props. (again what was in stock at the time). after flying for a few minutes the motors will get hot to the touch, sometimes...