1. landedit

    How do you store your builds?

    Hello all, I, probably like many, have limited space to store and work on building my planes. What are some space efficient ways to store them all? I have very little wall space and the little that I have is in front of my workbench so I would probably not store them there. I have room for some...
  2. G

    Mini Arrow "Beluga" Pod Mod

    After building my first Mini Arrow I realized very quickly that the electronics pod was not big enough for me. I squeezed my 1000mah 3S in there anyway and taped the thing shut. Well that Arrow had a quick drop with a sudden stop, so I decided to make a new one with a bigger pod. I started...
  3. StatiK RC

    3d printable SD card case

    I've found a good 3d printable SD card case to take with you to the field. I also fly professionally so this will be useful for me here as well. Thigilink:
  4. K

    Storing scratch build templates

    Hi. I am a total newbie to the scratch build world but I am totally psyched to build my first plane. I have download the plans for the Explorer and have attached them to poster board and cut them out. Now I have all these templates laying around and had no real idea what to do with them. It...
  5. P

    Actual Toolbox

    What do you guys use to store your tools? Clearly "a toolbox" is a bit too simple an answer, otherwise I wouldn't have asked. I currently have a sizable for all my tools. My wood tools, my mechanical tools, my electrical tools, nails, screws, soldering iron, heat shrink, etc. It fits, barely...
  6. P

    Carrying case for a 450

    I'm looking to either make or buy a carrying case for my 450. It's an X format, and the arms don't fold. I'm willing to accept removal of propellers for transport, but that's basically it w.r.t disassembly. I need to be able to carry my quad, my lipos (4 of them, currently), my transmitter, some...
  7. H

    Storage and transport (not batteries)

    Podcast: Storage and transport (not batteries) Worth starting off that I am a complete newbie. I own a ultra micro multi-rotor (Hubsan X4) and that is all. Getting very interested in the fixed wing world but concerned about the storage and transport of the planes - I see lots of threads...
  8. E

    2 Straight up questions - What charger do you use and how do you store your batteries

    What charger do you use make and model? How do you store your batteries when charging and when not in use? :)