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  1. Versa Kwop in a tree

    Versa Kwop in a tree

    This has been taking up most of my free time for a while. I first got stuck perfectly centered at the top of the tree, then through a water bottle on a stick I got it down a little.
  2. Flite Risk

    Qx7 sticky power button

    So I just resolved a very bizarre issue. When storing my qx7 in it's carrying case (harbor freight foam filled metal case), I heard my radio turn on........Odd. Upon further inspection, just applying pressure anywhere to the shell or radio body I could boot up the Tx. While flying I would hear...
  3. dannyboy70000

    How long will a lipo last in a tree?

    hi, i got my plane stuck up in a tree and it has been up there for 27 hours and its about to go for its second night, hopefully it doesn't rain. Anyway, i wanted to know how long the lipo will last?, is it going to catch on fire?, will it still be flyable?( the lipo of coarse) and will the rain...
  4. dannyboy70000

    Plane stuck in the tree

    hi, i was flying an FT-flyer at night with no LED's and it got stuck at the very top of a big 30m tall tree at least and it is too dangerous to climb up it and we don't have a pole big enough to get it and we also cant hit a tennis ball up that high, we don't have FPV so we couldn't drop...
  5. dingmike

    Stuck in a tree, Too windy for me.

    So I thought I could squeeze in a flight before the SuperBowl. I went to my regular place and noticed it was a little windier than I ever flown before. I took off, 8 seconds later I was stuck in the tallest tree in the frickin' park! Spent the next hour throwing rock at it. I asked a kid if he...