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  5. War Chest


  6. I

    Freestyle "Applause" Sunset+Beach

    I hope you like the video, I thought people would enjoy the view Sub if you like, I post every Thursday!!!
  7. Snarls

    Sunset Freeride - Video

    Hey guys check out my new video. I did some freeriding around some trees at sunset while testing my latest Luxfloat tune.
  8. L

    A White Christmas with DJI in Sarasota Florida

    I brought my Phantom 2 to the beach for our "White Christmas". It was a lot of fun to get the video, and make sure to watch it in HD! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=310151059184742
  9. A

    Louisiana Sunset over the Treeline

    I took this yesterday with my Bat Bone and GoPro 3 White. It's taken line of sight at my house in Louisiana. I have to represent Louisiana well. There aren't a lot of us on here. My favorite shot is at around 4:40. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Also, I would...
  10. A

    Who Wants to Do a SMALL Favor?

    So I would realllllly like to enable ads on Youtube so that I can get a little kickback when I show my flight videos to friends, family, you guys, etc. HOWEVER, you have to have 10 subscribers, of which I have not. So do me this favor. Go to my video below, check it out (my first video from...
  11. D

    Beginner FPV Pilot Takes Bixler to the Beach

    Howdy. First post here, second FPV flight. Hope you enjoy it!