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  1. D

    Newbie ESC/Motor

    The good news. We built a foam board plane (thank you Flite Test) RC kit we have. A DX9 Tx (we wanted future options) Spektrum AR610 receiver with remote recevier (belt and braces) Suppo 50A ESC (I figured >A means harder to kill) with BEC a Suppo brushless motor 2814/8. 1000Kv I believe...
  2. D

    Suppo ESC triple beep - Help

    Hi, I am using a Suppo 18 amp ESC for the swappables. I was flying around, ran out of battery, and recharged. After I reconnected my battery and connected my transmitter, the ESC beeps three times instead of the usual single beep. For about two seconds I can control the motor but then no...
  3. Garret H

    Altitude Hobbies Power Pack Discussion/Suggestion Thread

    Hey guys, Garret from Altitude Hobbies here. I just wanted to stop in and say thank you to everyone here who has made the power pack combos from our store so popular over the last year. We sell a huge amount of these packs for FT's awesome builds, and we really appreciate the business. I also...
  4. Maingear

    Kraken is grounded with recomended equipment.

    I had three fried ESCs and a month's worth of no flight time out of my Kraken. I have less than 30 min total time flying my kraken, the last flight I had to crash land in a soybean field due to a #2 ESC failure on final. The bird is incredible to fly, but something is not right. I used the...