1. uLightMe

    Swap Meet at Flite Fest East 2017

    I wonder how complicated it would be to organize a swap meet at the FFE (Flite Fest East)? Would there be any interest in trading your "slightly used" bits and bobs? Would there be legal issues? Wold it be in conflict with the FT Store on site? hmm... thoughts?
  2. C

    Bebop Battery replacement

    Having just watched the episode on the AR drone battery swap, I am wondering if anyone has tried swapping out the battery on the Bebop. If so, what battery(ies) worked best and how large a capacity were you able to go with? I am thinking the Turnigy 2700 Mah would be a good place to start?
  3. L

    DJI Phantom Frame Swap

    hey guys, just wondering if anyone has done a frame swap with a phantom? the stock one is super restricting so i've been looking at putting the electronics into an F450 or similar.