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  1. JonasL

    Durafly T-28 Trojan FPV

    Hi Guys, here is a little clip from today. Unfortunatly we started on a not fully charged battery, so it was a short flight. Anyways, enjoy :)
  2. Andre

    Slightly used ParkZone T-28 Trojan

    Over the weekend a fellow flyer at my park had a rough landing. He was going to retire this plane because he had 3-4 more at home. (ParkZone and Durafly) We struck a deal and a few hours later it was at my place san electronics. It has been flown and crashed before but the price was right...
  3. Wade's RC Hangar

    Hey, Watch This!!!

    So a buddy of mine and me were out flying the other day. Unusually warm and calm weather for the winter time too. We had been flying for about 2 hours and decided to pull out old trusty. The Parkzone T-28. One thing lead to another and we started taking photos. Then we decided to get some...