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thermal flying

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    61in Mini Sailmaster?

    Does anyone own the 61in Mini Sailmaster? I am wondering how it flies and if it is a good thermal flying plane. If anyone has any ideas of how this plane flies, or knows where some reviews of this plane are, feel free to reply. Im interested in getting a good, light weight, thermal sailplane...
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    2 meter powered sailplane

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there are any high quality 2 meter powered sailplanes that you guys would recommend. I want something that can thermal well, is light weight, and moderately to highly aerobatic. I would prefer the plane to be a full house 5 channel glider (with throttle, rudder...
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    dream flight libelle review

    Hey flite test. I noticed the dream flight libelle dlg hanging up in the back while watching your latest episode. I know that the dream flight libelle is a great starter dlg that is both easyer to build and cheaper than most dlgs. I think it would be nice if you guys did a review of the dream...