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  1. S

    Help! Throttle Not Accurately Tracking

    Hello, I am having this issue where my throttle in iNavFlight and my blackbox is not tracking properly. The throttle in the blackbox (RC Command) is tracking lower than what the reciever tab is recieving in iNav reciever tab. Originally iNavFlight recieved a range of 987-2011, i applied a 98%...
  2. C

    Help! My motor has a hard time getting started and then binds up a little over 50% throttle.

    I got some motors for a quad build I'm doing but one of the motors burned up so I decided to re-purpose the others into planes. But they have this weird problem with not spinning. With everything connected I have to feather the throttle to get the motor spinning and then it jams up after half...
  3. johnreto

    Successful mechanical control with a joystick and Throttle w/ build video

    Hello Flite Test world. You have a old joystick and throttle layin around but dont have the knowhow of how to connect it to your TX and/or dont have the $ to buy the components to hook it up to your Tx? Have you ever wanted to control your plane or drone via joystick and throttle while flying...
  4. D

    Newbie ESC/Motor

    The good news. We built a foam board plane (thank you Flite Test) RC kit we have. A DX9 Tx (we wanted future options) Spektrum AR610 receiver with remote recevier (belt and braces) Suppo 50A ESC (I figured >A means harder to kill) with BEC a Suppo brushless motor 2814/8. 1000Kv I believe...
  5. L

    Naze32 and ESC Full Throttle Issue

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the miniquad scene, and just recently built my first 250 class copter. It has a Naze32 Rev 6, Emax Micro 20A ESCs with Oneshot, and 2204 2300kv motors and a 3S battery. I've been trying to set up my quad to fly in Cleanflight. I've been having an issue where when I...
  6. D

    Q100 build - DX6 throttle issue!!!

    Hay ladies and gents!!!! I'm new to the hobby, and decided to grab a TX, goggles, and start my first build. (post tiny whoop, I started there) I built the Q100 kit, no issues. Get it bound to my DX6 and hooked everything up in clean flight. Everything seems perfect, my DX6 is showing the right...
  7. J

    Programming Throttle Disable Switch on Twin Engines with Differential Thrust

    Hello I could use some help. I am fairly new to the hobby and most of what I have learned is from the internet, mostly Flitetest and Experimental Airlines. I have build a couple of the FliteTest SuperBees. These have two motors and two ESCs and I have succeeded in programming in Differential...
  8. jamieFL

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX)

    Taranis' Variable Proportional Elevator Trim (OpenTX) For those flying with the FrSky Taranis or the new Horus, I want to share a quick little function that will automatically adjust your elevator trim as the speed of your model changes. It should only take about 5 minutes to add to any of your...
  9. D

    Obscure Brand of ESC - Throttle Calibration

    Has anyone had any experience with ESC's like the one in the above photo? I can't find any documentation for them and they don't seem to adhere to the usual throttle calibration process of signalling max throttle, plugging into the battery, then signalling the lowest value. Any help would be...
  10. A

    CC3D board problem?

    Hello. I bought myself a KingKong Force 200 starterset with cc3d micro flight controller. (LibrePilot tells me it's standard CopterControl not cc3d) Problem is - when i lay the quad on the table without propellers and give some throttle everything is working nice. I can give roll and yaw inputs...
  11. H

    Help with my hovercraft build

    Hey guys I need some help with my hovercraft that I'm making. It's very similar to the one shown on Flitetest a few weeks ago. I'm trying to attach my forward thrust motor to my elevator channel. Everytime I try, it just cycles through the arming process over and over again. I tried changing...
  12. D

    r615x help! Throttle stops working AFTER bind

    So, I bind the Rx to the Tx. After all the beeps I can use the controls and throttle as normal. Then, when I power down, remove the bind plug, and power back up, Everything but the Throttle works. Things I've tried: 1) rebinding (about 12 times) 2) setting throttle stick to 100% to...
  13. captron360

    FT Guinea Pig and a DX9

    My Guinea Pig has different motor speeds. Is there a way to match them with a DX9? Can you use 2 throttle curves? They both start the same at low throttle settings but as I add power one speeds up more than the other. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. S

    DX6 throttle issue

    I just received my DX6 and when the throttle is all the way down it shows "1" on the display instead of "0". The other DX6 I got to play around with before purchasing mine showed "0" as I imagine is intended. Any idea on how to correct this? Thanks!
  15. C

    Do you use throttle mixing?

    I added some up elevator to my UMX Pitts when it is at 0 throttle. I did 25% but I don't notice a drastic change in handling. My Delta Ray has a tendency to pitch up and stall without down elevator under full throttle. I was thinking about adding a mix to help with that. Does anyone else use...
  16. M

    Problem: Quad throttling up while flying forward

    So, my Quad has a KK2.1.5 board, Hobbyking Blueseries 20A ESC's and 1000kv Motors. With stock firmware on the KK and the ESC's it flew, but was very twitchy, even after tuning the PI settings. So I decided to flash the Steveis KK2.1.5 Firmware (v1.17S1 Lite). After that, it flew a little more...
  17. N

    Full Throttle

    Hi, I am a brand new Flyzone Sensei RTF owner. It is my first 4-channel (actually 5) after starting with a Hobby Zone Champ RTF but I have been putting off the maiden flight because I have run across what I consider a problem. This morning after finishing the assembly of the plane and...
  18. G

    Strange motor runaway issue with kk2

    I have a strange issue that just cropped up. I have a 450 quad with a kk2.0 board with 1350KV motors that was completely rock solid stable, one of the motors M3 started with bearing issues so I swapped out all the motors with some 900KV motors because I didn't have a replacement 1350KV. I went...
  19. S

    DX6i Problem

    I have a DX6i radio and I am trying to get my Throttle Cut button working properly. If the Throttle channel is set to Normal (rather than reverse) the Throttle Cut button works as it should, by reducing the throttle all the way to the lowest setting. But when my Throttle channel is set to...
  20. RotateB4TheEnd

    Tricopter/KK2.0 Motor Issue

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with my newly assembled batbone tri. I'm using a KK2.0 board. When doing some throttle ups with the entire system powered up, I'm having an odd issue. Whichever motor is plugged into the M1 slot (This is normally the front left motor) will continue to rev up to a...