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  1. L

    Control Horn help

    Hey all, I recently got into a debate on control horn setup. I was under the impression that having the push rod in the top/highest slot in the control horn would give the most throw, and moving it down the control horn would decrease the throw. However, when I sat down and looked at it, if...
  2. T

    Adjusting throws of new FT Explorer build

    I just finished building an FT Explorer that I got for Christmas. Its my first build. When I finished and was checking the throws using the piece of foamboard from the speed-build kit, I noticed that it doesn't look like the tail goes up high enough. I've adjusted the travel end point on my...
  3. Y

    Bixler 2 Set-up for a newbie

    Hey guys first time post here :cool: So a while back I got myself a bonsai wing from HK and put it together and needless to say I crashed that bad boy straight into the ground. Obviously I had never flown before and got myself something cool looking and fast! :o #FAIL Now I have got myself a...
  4. Z

    Bixler 2 throws

    I'm putting my Bixler 2 together but I don't know what throws would be good for it. Does anyone know? :)