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  1. 14-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels with a friend from work

    14-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels with a friend from work

    #Power Pod #Trainer Wing Showing off for a friend from work...
  2. 07-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels the next day...

    07-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels the next day...

    #Power Pod #Trainer Wing When you just can't get enough and go the next day with a friend.
  3. 06-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels Second Go

    06-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels Second Go

    #Power Pod #Trainer Wing
  4. 03-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels First Time

    03-09-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 3 Channels First Time

    #Power Pod #Trainer Wing
  5. 25-08-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 2 Channels

    25-08-2018 FT Tiny Trainer 2 Channels

    FT Tiny Trainer 2 channels #Glider nose #Trainer Wing #Rudder and Elevator control
  6. F

    New to the forum, new to the hobby!

    Hi everyone, I am new to this hobby. Flying some DJI quadcopters for work got me into it (and flite test videos) - I want to eventually build my own surveying drone (my endgoal would be a VTOL with all the bells and whistles!) but I thought I should start from scratch! So I just finished...
  7. Romf

    First "Flight" and first Crash

    Hello, I am Robert from Germany and I am just starting in the Hobby. Today I finished the build of the Tiny Trainer with the polyhedral wings and a Power Pack A (german version from Graupner) and an 3s 850mAh battery. After completing the electronic setup I checked the Center of Gravity and...
  8. J

    59 year old newbie - adding more planes

    I have been wanting to fly rc since I was a teenager and I am just getting started now. I have put together a Tiny Trainer from the plans and I got the power pack and a Spektrum DX6 about a month ago. I took it out for the first time last week. My wife threw it down into the ground twice -...
  9. J

    New BLHeli 12A ESC will not calibrate...HELP!

    I'm trying to calibrate the 12A Emax BLHeli ESC that came with my FT Tiny Trainer. My receiver is a Turnigy TGY-iA6C and it is successfully bound to my Evolution. For some unknown reason I can't get my ESCs to go into programming mode. When I connect the battery, the Evolution recognizes the RX...
  10. J

    Hi. New to rc planes. Have a STEM club and questions.

    Hi all. My STEM club is making some tiny trainers. I have a question. I have some 2300kv 2204 motors, and a 30A esc. 3s battery. I put a 6045 prop on and I have a horrible screeching sound.. . please see the video. No problem with a 5030 prop...Any advice would be greatly appreciated ...
  11. C

    Tiny Trainer build question

    Hi All! This is my first time posting here, though I've been lurking around for a few weeks trying to build up the courage to actually build something. After a fair bit of research, I've decided I want to give the Tiny Trainer a shot. It seems straightforward and like it would be a good first...
  12. L

    New Guy with Tiny Trainer Flight Issues

    Good Day All, I have been interested in model aviation for over 40 years. As a kid I built models but could not afford the radios and servos so never flew anything I built. This past winter I purchase a Hobby Zone Champ and learned to fly it pretty well. I think decided to build the Tiny...
  13. N

    Tiny Trainer, and a 2204 2300kv motor

    I just purchased a 2204 2300kv emax motor due to the dis-trust I have towards the 1806 motor from reading plenty of reviews and a failure I had with it.. It is a bit larger so I took a drill bit and made the holes larger on the firewall but the motor did not line up properly. How should I mount...
  14. dryhiker

    Does anyone have aerodynamic curves for the Tiny Trainer aileron wing airfoil?

    I am using my Tiny Trainer for a project and it would help if I have the lift vs AoA curve for the aileron wing. The most pressing need is for the stall AoA. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  15. nhk750

    Tiny Trainer aileron rolls left wierd

    I only started flying last September and I have 11 hours, 40 minutes of flight time and 4.5 hours of that on my TT scratch build. I keep a very accurate spreadsheet that I made. I feel that I'm becoming a solid pilot and rarely crash with solid good landings. I have six operational planes with...
  16. J

    Tiny Trainer With No Thrust

    I recently finished building my first Flite Test airplane. I built the Tiny Trainer from their "Getting Started" package deal. This package deal comes with an Emax 1806 motor, Emax Bl Heli 12amp ESC, a 2 cell lipo battery, and a Spektrum DXe transmitter. I attempted a maiden flight today but had...
  17. C

    "maker" starting with a flying wing and going back to a trainer

    hello, all! I am dyslexic so please forgive me for any mistakes and please ask if you don't understand anything. this is my first post so first, off thank you to the Flite Test team (and people in the community) for posting their plans online for free! so now here is my story. randomly I and...
  18. H

    New from Toronto

    Hi Everyone, I came across the channel looking for a good starter to get my brother for his birthday. Ended up getting him a Hobbyzone Duet, but ever since i watched that episode I have not stopped watching or listening to everything Flite Test. Within a week I had a Tiny Trainer scratch built...
  19. T

    Blheli brake

    I have Power Pod A. Breaking props when I land. How do I turn on "brake" with this Blheli esc? Also, where can I buy cheap props for a 5mm shaft?
  20. G

    FT Tiny Trainer Center of Gravity

    This week I received my Tiny Trainer Get Started Package, and I just finished assembling it in the three channel configuration. After putting all of the electronics in, I found that the plane was very nose-heavy, so much so that I had to put the battery at the very back of the velcro strip to...