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  1. --Oz--

    Tasmanian Devil plus other tricks - LOS

    Couple of my latest videos, enjoy. my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/Ozzy3333333/videos?view_as=subscriber
  2. R

    Trick tutorial 5: Alley-oop hangtime | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! This time I am showing how to do Alley-oop hangtime moves! I do this trick a lot and they create a lot of hangtime!
  3. R

    Trick tutorial 4: Sliding in, Sliding out MOVE | FPV freestyle TRICKS

    I've made another trick tutorial! In this video i am showing you one of my favorite tricks! This trick isn't really that hard, but if you do it the wrong way, you might end up in a tree!
  4. R

    Tranquility FPV freestyle

  5. R

    FPV log 7: Sunset flying FPV freestyle

    Burnin' some packs just before sunset..
  6. R

    Simplicity FPV freestyle

    No fancy spots this time:)
  7. S

    Tiled Build Plans Setup Hints and Tips

    Hey everyone, I know that the build plans can sometimes be a pain especially putting together the tiled builds. Some of us don't have a 40 inch printer to print the full scale planes. I've done tiled plan builds a few times, getting them lined up exactly perfect is a task on its own. But with...
  8. K

    [B]Share your camera settings and tricks here! [/B]

    What type of camera do you use? What setting do you find best for aerial footage? (720 60? 1080 30?? etc) What angle do you like the most? How do you mount/ what do you use to mount your camera(s)? What is your favourite thing to video? Scenery? Sports? Etc What do you like to see in aerial...
  9. T

    Apple i movie!

    I just got a apple Computer and I love I Movie I also use many Different cameras for shooting Videos A Sony Webbie that can be fitted on a hat so I can fly and Film A GOPRO HD Camera for onboard Video and it can also be Fitted on a Hat I have a Canon HD Camera for all my other HD Video Needs...