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tricopter build

  1. Beaver5150

    Scratch Built Front-steering Tricopter: The Stinger

    I'm new here, but Ive been on other forums and in the hobby for over 10 years. This is my 3rd Multi-rotor build in a few months, each one morphing into the next. This one isn't pure scratch, but made from an Eachine tilt rotor 180 frame and parts of a wrecked MSH Mini Protos 450 heli and are...
  2. T

    New Build With New Builder

    Morning Guys Today I'm here for some help with my first build. It's a tricopter with kk2.1, 750kv motors from David's build on a anycopter frame, wooden booms same as David's length and thickness , with 2 30amp Simonk esc and one multistar 30amp esc, a metal gear turnigy servo, and a traxxas...
  3. C

    Tricopter - Rotor Bones - New Build

    This is my first tri-copter and actually first anything RC related. I'm slowly piecing everything together and am enjoying the journey. I'm attaching the motors, props, etc and wanted to post a picture of the current state so I can confirm that I'm on the right path. I have two questions: 1...
  4. T

    Tricopter shaking without props

    I've been working on my first tricopter build and I'm looking for a little advice. Without props it starts shaking pretty bad on the ground. No flights yet. Is that normal or is there something wrong with the setup? I've run through the basic kk2 setup but no balancing. I've heard of balancing...
  5. RoyBro

    Tricopter Windestål Style Yaw Mechanism

    Sold Out: Tricopter Windestål Style Yaw Mechanism I've put this off because it's kind of embarrassing. But after seeing what guys are prototyping on their 3D printer, my window of opportunity is limited. So here it goes. When I decided to build David's tricopter design, Hobby King was out of...
  6. Q

    100 dollar tricopter?

    So i got 100 dollars to build a tricopter but i only have 100 bucks. i have the transmitter and battery. So is it possible to do it or do i need more cash?
  7. H

    Tricopter Build

    I would like for you guys to do a tricopter build. I think it would be a good Idea because you guys use them for many things. I want to build one and want some instructions to follow. So PLEASE do it:cool:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. voipmonkey

    My First Tri !!! :) (Pun Intended)

    Well finally I got some time over the last weekend to start my very first multi rotor Tricopter build. Taking the information from David Windestal’s website rcexplorer.se I set about getting the drawings into cad making sure all angles where perfect so it would make my life easier (Not as it...
  9. Trinom

    Trinom's tricopter

    During December I decided to build my own tricopter. My big inspiration were tons of FPV videos on youtube. Then I've found David's webpages with step by step guide and many useful informations. I set the package from HobbyKing free of customs post 30th of December, then I slowly built it almost...