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tricopter v3

  1. C

    Anyone fly the Rcexplorer Tri v3 With Naze32 (cleanflight) ??

    Hi everyone Can anyone tell me the PID settings for the yaw axis in cleanflight. I did the autotune and got a yaw P value of 11.1 Want to confirm this is normal or not. Thanks . Chamika
  2. W

    New Multiroter for filming

    Hey all, I was tasked with filming my crew team, and aside from the obvious alternatives, I believe areal filming would be ideal for this. I would like to use this as a way to get into multiroters. I would likely be using it with my gopro and would prefer a gimbal mount, but would be happy to...
  3. Techno

    Windestal's V3 Tricopter!

    I was just on rcexplorer.se, when I noticed that there is a V3 Tricopter coming out in a few weeks. I wanted to see if there was a discussion about this already on the forum and there WASN'T. I was so shocked that I typed this up. It's pretty typical of David's tri frame (AKA AMAZING), but he...