1. LennyPane

    Y3 Tri-Copter - with ball bearing yaw mechanism (WIP)

    Hey Guys, i'm new here, and starting to plan my first build with a tri-copter design. love the flite test videos, very good to get to grips with everything! my plan is, i want it to be cheap (around 170EUR/200$), but still be accurate and have the capacity to race or start to learn aerobatics...
  2. C

    Titan Tricopter - RTF - Plus a lot of extras

    I'm selling a 100% ready to fly (RTF) Titan Tricopter plus a lot of extras. This tri is a very clean build and a blast to fly...controls are locked in and stable. Here is what's on the tricopter build: ($450) -TITAN Tricopter Frame (booms have been reinforced with wooden dowels) -kk2.1.5...
  3. jaskoller David Windestål's site

    I have been trying for a couple weeks, but I can not access David's site. Is anyone else having the same issue? Isn't it still I'd like to order his tricopter kit but can't access. Any help would be appreciated. (I've tried on several computers and different browsers)...
  4. A

    First FPV Setup- Advice You Wish You Had

    So I'm (im)patiently waiting for the arrival of my new Christmas present (which seems to be a recurring theme among the forums lately) in the form of FatShark Predators and ImmersionRC circular polarized antennas. I'll be putting my setup on a Bat Bone with a KK 2.1.5 controller board and...
  5. I

    Tricopter problems

    i have just finished my tricopter build but unfortunately the servo at the back won't Center and only turns in one direction Is there anybody who's had this problem and knows how to fix this problem, Many thanks Ian :)
  6. kah00na

    Tri280 Mini Tricopter Frame

    I've been flying simplecopter's Mini Tricopter for a while now and was given the opportunity to try a new frame called the Tri280. It looks pretty sweet but it is still in developmental stages. I told the developer I was probably going to run SunnySky 2204's like I do on my simplecopter, but...
  7. A

    Louisiana Sunset over the Treeline

    I took this yesterday with my Bat Bone and GoPro 3 White. It's taken line of sight at my house in Louisiana. I have to represent Louisiana well. There aren't a lot of us on here. My favorite shot is at around 4:40. Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to like and subscribe! Also, I would...
  8. 4props

    Signed David Windestål Tricopter V3 FULL kit - For Sale (UK + EU Shipping options)

    No longer for sale
  9. A

    Tricopter Edit - Fun Playground flying

  10. R

    Multirotor Simulators

    Hi guys, does any one know if there are any multirotor simulators available?
  11. R

    Tricopter servo problem

    I have the bat bones.kk2.1.5 board, suppo sp mg90s servo. I'm having trouble with the travel. The servo will tilt the mount all the way to the left but only go about the quarter of the way to the right. I've taken off the servo and hooked it with another receiver to make sure it's centered. The...
  12. S

    tricopter batbone help

    I have recently purchased the batbone, love it by the way. it took me awhile but I got it to hover inside and's the thing that I try to get if it tried to give it throttle and it wants to do a backflip It Tries to Inverter itself I have the self level on. I mean it hovered in my...
  13. 1

    First Tricopter Build - Advice welcome!

    Hello guys, This post has gotten a bit long... Skip the first part (marked #) if you dont have much time for my life-story: ################################## I'm looking at this hobby for 1-2 years now and really want to get into flying multirotors. I had a coax-heli a few years ago, but it...
  14. R

    Tricopter power distribution and tail servo

    I have the bat bone with the ipeaka 22a esc and suppo motors from the flite test power combo. How do I power everything? How do I plug in the servo. The ESC's has a built in bec. Can anyone provide a diagram or layout of the harness? Oh and using the OrangeRx. If that's helps.
  15. R

    Bat Bones electronic layout and build ( first multirotor )

    Does anyone have any pics or a good build thread for the Bat Bones tricopter. There really isn't a build video anywhere. The frame is put together with the servo on the tilt mount. How and where can I layout everything. Best place keeping in mind of CG. And how do you find the CG?
  16. D

    Tricopter parts compatible?

    Hello! I'm a completely novice/whatever... in the rc aircraft world and i've got an objective for christmas. BUILD MY FIRST TRICOPTER! I love building, whatever it is, and i want to feel the experience of building and using one of these, as I've seen they're totally awesome. I have watched...
  17. A

    LOS Fall Flight at Sunset (first aerial video)

    My first video! Check it out! I took this flying line of sight with my Bat Bone tricopter! Take a look! 10 points to the first person to spot the random cat to run through the shot.
  18. R

    KK 2.1.5 Setup

    Hi, I'm trying to setup a kk 2.1.5 for my tricopter, I'm also using a DX6i. I don't know what the best settings to fly would be. The throttle is rather touchy, it rises and falls easily. Should I use a throttle curve or would I need to change something on with the board? Also with a kk 2.1.5 do...
  19. E

    The Boomcopter - a tricopter with a twist

    David mentioned this in a recent podcast and since I couldn't find this with search, thought I'd post this here too. Just an amazing twist for a tricopter :D So bananas! In action: The build: "The...
  20. J

    massive tricopter crash. help me understand why

    Well this is what happened, I got the electrohub tricopter built it and flew it stock on the flip 1.5. Made about 7 flights in the stock configuration and it flew solid. The only complaint I had was that the yaw was slow compared to what I wanted . I went into the multiwiigui and changed the yaw...