1. cloudseeder

    How to handle SAFE wanting to nose-down?

    I’ve held the UMX Ultrix as flat as feasibly possible when connecting power on the field. Upon hand-launch, the trajectory favors the ground. Constant elevator deflection required, and i’m new to 4-channel (experiences in powered glider w/o aileron only). I managed, although broke a prop on my...
  2. R

    Tool for reducing vibrations ?

    Hello all, As a new member on i have started my winter project, i am gonna build a V shaped quad copter with two back rotors on 40 degrees. I do al lot off research and looking at lots of information on all kind of forums. I saw that vibrations ar bad for your drone and there...
  3. C

    Read the manual, read the manual, and then read the manual, noob.

    I had been through my Duet manual a few times and thought I had it down. My plane was way out of trim and I was having a hard time correcting it. I went back to the manual and learned I had some very wrong (3 beeps are the limit it is center). The plane flies much better now.