1. pinpoint45

    Gremlin ESC (bl Heli Suite) problem.

    So i got my gremlin kit in the mail today and immediately starting going to work, 5 hours later i am almost complete, i have tested the direction of my motors, and 2 of 4 need reversed, following along with TJS build video i launch BLheli suite and attempt to connect with my battery still...
  2. T

    Versacopter Help?

    I have recently bought a Versacopter V2 with the GR 18 and MZ 12, I got everything setup except a bit of the radio and receiver setup. I have found out a while ago that the one of the motors would just beep over and over and wouldn't spin but the other 3 did but just today I started the...
  3. N

    Motor Connection for NightHawk Pro 280 (ARF)

    Hi guys, So I have been flying my Nighthawk Pro 280 (ARF) pretty hard recently and I had a crashed which has wiped out my motor which I had ordered and now arrived. My only question is what is the connection for connecting my motor to the ESC/PDB? It looks like a plug with three pins and where...