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  1. K

    Aura 5 Lite Help!

    Ok, so I don't know what really happened. I received my aura on the 25th of Feb, 2022, and it didn't last the day. I am trying to fly a 3D printed wing, 2 Ailerons, and a throttle. I am using the lemon, and It bound up to my old Dx6I on the first try. Power is running through the ESC lead...
  2. F

    Servos lock

    Hi, when I was building I used the servo centering tool and it worked like it's supposed to, but now that I have them glued in and ready for the final hook up one goes up and the other down and lock in those positions. Are my servos burnt out? The one for the rudder and elevator work fine, it's...
  3. L

    Hi! I need some advices for troubleshooting on my quad motors.

    Hi there! I'm building a quad 450 with a gimball for photagraphy. I'm running it on a 3s lipo and 30A esc with a naze32 rev6 fc. But when i start it up and try running the motors to check the direction, i notice that the motors are lacking power, and not starting together. I've also calibrated...
  4. K

    Everything Red - FPV Setup

    Hi All, I have recently put together my first FPV setup and my first impression was that everything looks extremely red, when I point the camera to the sky everything looks blue but anything else and its red. When it gets dark it looks like the camera goes black and white, this looks clearer...