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  1. cdfigueredo

    Tundra RC from scratch

    Hi, guys! For some time now I have been watching various threads of STOL aircraft building. I love the way the FT Simple Storch and FT Bushwacker fly, but I like the way real STOL planes looks. I'm a lover of scale model airplanes, even I haven't built one yet. Then, after my biloute trainer...
  2. M

    Help needed with Durafly Tundra

    I am a recent returnee to fixed wing flying and am now comfortable with general flying away and towards me. I cut my teeth on Eflite Sport Cub S and Champ S+ (which I stupidly lost downwind when I forgot that there was a panic button!). I moved up to the Durafly Tundra. My first flight was OK...
  3. kacknor

    Durafly Tundra, My First Impressions

    Received my Tundra in the mail today about 1:00. It is now 7:30 as I start this and the plane is ready to maiden save the velcro to hold the battery. Bank, shopping dinner and life slowed me down a bit. ;) First thoughts: The unboxing was uneventful, save the right elevator came out of the box...
  4. Andre

    104 Durafly Tundra review

    104 Durafly Tundra review Wow the review that almost didnt happen. Join Chris,Wayne,Andre and Stuart from Hobbyking and as they discuss every inch and detail of the new Durafly Tundra.Thanks for listening - See more at: 104 Durafly Tundra review Durafly Tundra 1300mm Sports Model w/Flaps -...
  5. Centus

    Durafly Tundra review please!

    I just listened to the FT Afterhours podcast re: the Tundra and the interview with Stewart and based on their praise I'm really excited about this new plane. I would love to see a Bixler/FT crew review of this seemingly excellent model!
  6. DutchRC