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    Help! quadcopter: one motor twitching and stuttering

    Hello guys, I have a problem with one motor, do not spin and making a sound (videos in attachment), I changed the motor to another ESC and is work, so I checked the connections on ESC and all connections looking great. any ideas or something I can do, thank you
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    Help! Motor Twitching

    Hi, Can anyone help me with my motor twitching problem? When I give throttle my motor goes back and forth really fast. I am using an 1806 motor (pretty much the same that is in power pack A) and I am using an orange RX with the dx6e transmitter and a 12 amp esc with a 2s. The motor has plugs. I...
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    Motor won't start, ticking and rocking

    Hi guys, I've got a turnigy 35-30 1400kv motor to go on my EPP FPV. Connected to a 40a esc with bec. When I start up the system. I get the tune and then no further beeps to indicate all is good and no further beeps are made. However, whenever I give some throttle on my tx the motor just ticks...