1. choppergirl2

    ❤️️ Choppergirl's Edgy Sound Pack English for Open-TX transmitters ❤️️

    I just released a new "Edgy" Sound Pack for Open TX transmitters. ❤️️ Some neat things about my Sound Pack: ❤️️ --Drop in replacement for other English Sound Packs --750 new audio files, more than any other sound pack --Unlike other Sound Packs, you can browse in Windows Explorer and see the...
  2. cladeport

    FPV compatibility

    does anyone know if a eachine rc840 5.8Ghz fpv receiver is compatible with a ImmersionRC 200 or 600mW 5.8GHz AV Transmitter? I already use the receiver with a tiny AIO camera but it has only 25mW. I hope to increase my range drastically with a new fpv transmitter (I want to use it on my mini...