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  1. Snarls

    Flying In The Forest

    Hey guys check out my new video flying on an abandoned trail in the woods. This was filmed at the tail end of summer, but I just got around to editing it. My radio has a range problem so that's why I'm only flying such a short stretch of trail. With my new Taranis I'm hoping to fly the entire...
  2. Snarls

    A Lonely Field With A Lone Tree

    Hey guys, towards the end of the summer I took my miniquad and mountain bike and started riding down a trail close to my house that I had never gone down before. The trail is overgrown at the start and is about a mile long stretch until it runs into a road. Breaking off half way down the trail I...
  3. Snarls

    Flying in Circles

    Sometimes flying in circles is a relaxing day at the field. Other times you are literally flying in a circle and trying hard not to crash. There is a neighborhood in town with a circle that was built in anticipation of new houses. To this day the lots remain vacant and the circle goes unused.
  4. Snarls

    Sunset Freeride - Video

    Hey guys check out my new video. I did some freeriding around some trees at sunset while testing my latest Luxfloat tune.
  5. Snarls

    Velocirotor - FPV and Aerial Videos by Snarls

    Hello everyone, I am excited to announce the launch of my new Youtube channel - Velocirotor! The concept of making and sharing aerial videos is what got me into the hobby and now I finally feel ready to start producing my own videos. Most of my videos will be freestyle FPV at various locations...