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  1. Versa Kwop in the tree

    Versa Kwop in the tree

    I got a little too close and nailed the tree perfectly in the center. To add insult to injury the battery unplugged. On the bright side I know my horizontals alignment was perfect.
  2. Versa Kepp out of the tree.

    Versa Kepp out of the tree.

    After Plugging in the battery that had been in the tree for a month (with a smoke stopper first of course) it flew. It didn’t even need a recharge.
  3. Versa Kwop in a tree

    Versa Kwop in a tree

    This has been taking up most of my free time for a while. I first got stuck perfectly centered at the top of the tree, then through a water bottle on a stick I got it down a little.
  4. Run away

    Run away

  5. Guess what, even more Versacopter

    Guess what, even more Versacopter

  6. Mowing the lawn

    Mowing the lawn

  7. Trees


  8. Some more

    Some more

  9. More Versa Kwop

    More Versa Kwop

  10. Versa Kwop in the Grass

    Versa Kwop in the Grass

    Finally got my Versacopter in the air. It flies surprisingly well considering that I forgot to tighten the bottom plate so the fc was just flopping around. I crashed it into a net and tree already, but after some shaking it fell down.
  11. GParr

    I'm new and I need help picking props!

    I am a complete drone building newbie. I am finally completing the build of my Versa copter V2 that I bought years ago. But I have little idea of what props to buy. I know Josh in the Versa copter V2 build video installs 2 blade 6040 props. However, I see more serious quads using 3 blade props...
  12. M

    Newbie, scared of my versacopter...

    Hi everybody. So I have been watching FliteTest for a few years now, it's what got me into flight. I don't know anyone else in the hobby, so it would be cool to be able to connect with people online. I started with a sport cub, and then an inductrix. I got so excited with the tiny quad, I...
  13. T

    STEM - Summer School Opportunity

    Hey All, I am transitioning from teaching history to being a full time STEm teacher next year. So far we are doing phone app and video game design, computer science, Windstorms EV3 robotics and an intro to STEM class. My admin has told me that the district is willing to pick up curriculum and...
  14. M

    Graupner SUMD failsafe problem, Versacopter

    Hi all, I'm having a failsafe issue with my Versacopter V2, which otherwise is flying awesome and taking some serious abuse very well! :) After switching my receiver and flight controller board to SUMD from PWM, I can no longer get the failsafe on the radio/receiver to work. When powering off...
  15. J

    Having touble building a Versacopter V2 with Lux board

    So I recently purchased everything I thought I needed to build my first quadcopter, the versacopter kit, e-pack, battery, with a lux flight controller and D4R-II receiver. About halfway through the build, I am now stuck with figuring out how the lux flight controller and D4R-II has a place in...
  16. W


    I have a versacopter with an orange receiver and a KK2.1.5 board with the remote programmer and it will not arm. ESCs are calibrated, it is bound, it lights up, does its beeps, but when on my DX6e I put the sticks on down and right to arm, it will not arm. PS. all trims are centered + good...
  17. W

    VersaCopter Pitch Issue, Help Needed

    I've finally managed to build a VersaCopter with the "Best" Power Pack. I'm using the Graupner MZ-12 and Graupner GR-18 Reciever/Flight Controller. I had trouble getting it to bind to the transmitter at first, then once I successfully bound them, I had issues calibrating the gyros. Now that I've...
  18. A

    Is The Versacopter A Good First Multirotor?

    As Christmas approaches I am thinking of getting a Versacopter for my first multi-rotor and I am curious if this is a good decision. I want a small drone plat form that I can later upgrade, and the versacopter is right in my price range. If the versacopter is a horrible starter multi-rotor...
  19. travelerdawg

    Versacopter EMAX BLHeli 12A beep

    So, I am not sure where to start. I would like to use the Cleanflight passthrough to flash my ESC's. These are the EMAX-BLHeli-12A ESC's that my wife purchased with the original Versacopter suggested power pack E - good with the 2204 motors. I have the Naze rev 6 board and the latest version...
  20. DharanFlyer

    VersaCopter, Power Pack, & Flight Controller

    Have a VersaCopter kit that hasn't been started with the racing Power Pack E and a rev6 Naze32. I will ship as at cost. My zip code is 60586 to calculate your shipping or if you within driving range of there I will drive it to you, you can pick up, or I'll meet you in the middle. I'd like...