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  1. T

    STEM - Summer School Opportunity

    Hey All, I am transitioning from teaching history to being a full time STEm teacher next year. So far we are doing phone app and video game design, computer science, Windstorms EV3 robotics and an intro to STEM class. My admin has told me that the district is willing to pick up curriculum and...
  2. M

    Graupner SUMD failsafe problem, Versacopter

    Hi all, I'm having a failsafe issue with my Versacopter V2, which otherwise is flying awesome and taking some serious abuse very well! :) After switching my receiver and flight controller board to SUMD from PWM, I can no longer get the failsafe on the radio/receiver to work. When powering off...
  3. J

    Having touble building a Versacopter V2 with Lux board

    So I recently purchased everything I thought I needed to build my first quadcopter, the versacopter kit, e-pack, battery, with a lux flight controller and D4R-II receiver. About halfway through the build, I am now stuck with figuring out how the lux flight controller and D4R-II has a place in...
  4. W


    I have a versacopter with an orange receiver and a KK2.1.5 board with the remote programmer and it will not arm. ESCs are calibrated, it is bound, it lights up, does its beeps, but when on my DX6e I put the sticks on down and right to arm, it will not arm. PS. all trims are centered + good...
  5. W

    VersaCopter Pitch Issue, Help Needed

    I've finally managed to build a VersaCopter with the "Best" Power Pack. I'm using the Graupner MZ-12 and Graupner GR-18 Reciever/Flight Controller. I had trouble getting it to bind to the transmitter at first, then once I successfully bound them, I had issues calibrating the gyros. Now that I've...
  6. A

    Is The Versacopter A Good First Multirotor?

    As Christmas approaches I am thinking of getting a Versacopter for my first multi-rotor and I am curious if this is a good decision. I want a small drone plat form that I can later upgrade, and the versacopter is right in my price range. If the versacopter is a horrible starter multi-rotor...
  7. travelerdawg

    Versacopter EMAX BLHeli 12A beep

    So, I am not sure where to start. I would like to use the Cleanflight passthrough to flash my ESC's. These are the EMAX-BLHeli-12A ESC's that my wife purchased with the original Versacopter suggested power pack E - good with the 2204 motors. I have the Naze rev 6 board and the latest version...
  8. DharanFlyer

    VersaCopter, Power Pack, & Flight Controller

    Have a VersaCopter kit that hasn't been started with the racing Power Pack E and a rev6 Naze32. I will ship as at cost. My zip code is 60586 to calculate your shipping or if you within driving range of there I will drive it to you, you can pick up, or I'll meet you in the middle. I'd like...
  9. C

    Versacopter with NAZA Lite flight system

    My first post to the FliteTest forum. Two photos of a Versacopter set up with a NAZA Lite flight control system with GPS. Powered by an 1800 mah Lipo which is mounted on the bottom of the quad along with the E-PACK 2205/2300KV configuration.
  10. R

    Help with Versa copter v2 and spektrum!

    I'm new to building drones and I'm planning to build a versa copter v2 I have a spektrum dx6i (upgrading to the dx8 gen2) and don't know what receiver to put on the versa copter. I plan to also use the naze 32 rev6 on the quad. I am also curious what kind of FPV camera people recommend for...
  11. FlamingCT

    Building a Versa, have problems with clean flight/naze32!

    Hello, first time posting! As the title states I started my versacopter build over the weekend and when I went to test the motors in clean flight I get error beeps (I assume that's what they are...). Also I ordered the versa kit with the new "better" e-pack motors, maybe that's causing the...
  12. R

    MZ 12 non copter transmitter

    Hello, Does anyone have a way to get the Graupner MZ12 to work with a quadcopter? The version of the mz12 I have only has settings for airplane and helicopter.
  13. P

    Help with naze32/cleanflight/serial receiver combo...

    Help! I'm using cleanflight with my naze32 acro on a V2 Versacopter and cannot get cleanflight to recognize my Spektrum serial receiver (DSMX quad race type). I have read all the blogs including CLI commands and feel like I have exhausted those techniques. Any ideas? I've got port 2 set to...
  14. A

    Versacopter Issue - Bound, but continuous beep when try to Launch

    Just built my Versacopter. Have Graupner GR-18 receiver and MZ-12 Rx combo. Bind was successful. Calibrated ESCs ok and calibraged the Gyros also. However, when tried to fly today, normal beeps when binding happened then continuous beeps and no further response from Versacopter. Is it an...
  15. Andre

    My VersaCopter V2 Experience

    Recently I got my hands on a FliteTest VersaCopter V2. Specs: Flite Test VersaCopter V2.0 Power Pack E (Racing Mini QuadCopter) Naze 32 Flight Controller Rev 5 FrSky XSR 2.4 Ghz ACCST Receiver The build which I will detail below was pretty straight foward and if you listen to the podcast...
  16. T

    Need help with Graupner Mz-12

    So I set up the versacopter exactly as they did and everything seemed to work. I had some slight problems with some lag but it was only when I'd try to pitch backwards, itd take a few seconds to register on the quad and then do it. Recently I was trying to look at all the settings and reading...
  17. T

    Versacopter Help?

    I have recently bought a Versacopter V2 with the GR 18 and MZ 12, I got everything setup except a bit of the radio and receiver setup. I have found out a while ago that the one of the motors would just beep over and over and wouldn't spin but the other 3 did but just today I started the...
  18. F

    Versacopter V2 Naze32 rev6 fliying issue

    Hi there! Greetings from Córdoba, Argentina. Its a real pleasure to join this forum. I've been playing with Flitetest free plans for over a year now and I've decided to go to my own VersaCopter. This is my very first drone. I'm having an issue when trying to level my drone. I just can't keep...
  19. B

    Versacopter V2 ... motor or ESC problem?

    Hi there. Yet another noob looking for troubleshooting help! My Versacopter worked flawlessly for several months until I had a bad crash and rebuilt. Ever since the rebuild, it will only fly using my 3S battery. I have 2 other batteries which are 4S. When I try flying with a 4S battery, it...
  20. T

    Graupner MZ-18

    I am having an issue setting up my Graupner MZ-18 for a Versacopter. Does anyone have this radio and have set it up correctly? I am new to this radio and so far the learning curve is getting to me..:black_eyed: HELP