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  1. S

    Proximity flying at the ballpark

    What's up flite test! Took my wing out for a blast around the ball park today, getting lower everyday, getting ready for my trip to New Zealand! Sub to the channel there will be some extra epic/scenic footage coming very very soon! I'm flying a custom versa wing, full fpv setup, carries a...
  2. D

    Blunt Nose VersaWing and the Vector Flight Controller - **feedback wanted**

    Hello all, I've been flying multi-rotors only a shot bit, tried a little FPV but recently have really wanted to do some VersWing building and flying... as part of that I also wanted to try the Vector flight controller... so, here is where my question(s) come in: 1) I cannot get the Vector...
  3. B

    Versawing build motor/esc/prop question

    So I built a FT Versawing for my first plane. My first dozen flights were mostly crashes as I worked through a series of rookie problems with slipping control linkages, center of gravity, and a few other things. As a result, I've gone a little overboard on strengthening the thing with...
  4. J

    power setup for my Versa blunt

    Hi! I'm Jack, Long term areal videographer at JJDrones (http://www.JJdrones.co.uk) I have recently purchased a VersaWing Blunt nose, I have covered it in duct tape (Mad it super heavy) and it's dead weight (frame +servos's only) is 800G Aprox. I am looking for a motor and esc that are capable...
  5. I

    edf versawing mod

    Hey, I had a 64mm edf laying around and wanted to make an airframe for it. so i used the plans for a blunt nose versawing and altered the wing pitch a few inches and this is what i came up with, flies great. wanted to share with all of you
  6. Y

    Versa Wing servo placement

    Hi FT community, For my third build I've chosen the FT Versa Wing speed build kit. My question is on Servo placement. In the build video it looks like Josh places the servo's so the arms are facing back toward the elevons. Maybe I'm not centering my servos properly but when I do this, the servo...
  7. M

    Maiden of Modified Versawing & Motor Question

    Well, I maidened a modified versawing today. It being my first wing, I am definitely hooked! I am running a Turnigy D2826 2200kv motor on a 40A Plush esc and flew with a 2200mah 3s 30c lipo. Got about 13 minutes of flight and had lots of fun, but I am thinking FASTER can only be more...
  8. W

    Versa Wing Build

    I was wondering what would be a cheap controller that would work with the Option 1 setup for the versa wing? Any reply would be greatly appreciated thank you!
  9. Jnr Kuzi

    FT Blunt Nose Meets SBA Chimera "i think" (Theory)

    Hey Guys, something amazing happened & then I decided to attempt to Scratch Build my first RC Plane. I was Cleaning up our storage room then,i found 2 Hair driers in Sisters Junk Drawer. Openned them & Found Nice Brushed Motors. So the First thing Popped up in my Mind "Bixler scratch build"...
  10. E

    Adding working rudders for the Versawing?

    I am considering scratch building a Versawing. Not totally understanding the aerodynamics of a flying wing, I was wondering if adding rudders to the vertical fins would help or hinder maneuverability. Maybe doing hammerheads with a wing? Any thoughts here would be helpful - Thanks!