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video editing

  1. utnuc

    vidSmooth: new, free open source video stabilization software

    Hey guys, I wanted to share an open source project of mine vidSmooth that takes any input video and outputs a stabilized version in high quality mp4/h264 format. I'm just now getting into fpv for fixed wings, and wrote this software for this community to make viewing fpv videos a little less...
  2. R

    First event coverage with video

    I thought I would leave here this link with the video I made from an event we organized with our rc club: https://amodeldo.blogspot.com/2018/06/coupe-interclubs-la-video.html I tried to mix footage from my gopro on my quad (I flew the thing), a gopro on the ground on the obstacles, and some...
  3. L

    Building diving FPV, real?

    This looks like video dubstep to me. Is this real or heavily edited? I see a lot of "building diving", but this looks too wild. Manipulated? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMWA4LwE1dk