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  1. D

    Promotional Aerial Video for Car Dealership

    Hope this doesn't draw up any issues in regards to safety, there was much planning and safety precautions taken prior to filming, also insurance. This was early in the morning before customers started arriving. This was one of my early videos prior to purchasing a gimbal. :D
  2. D

    Utilizing my QAV500 for Aerial Videos of High-End Swimming Pool Installations

    normal ground photography is great though can be limiting in many aspects especially when it comes to conveying the true size of a piece of property or a landscape. I utilized my custom built QAV500 to create some very nice videos of a clients pool installs. Please let me know what you guys...
  3. F

    Axion alpha+Gopro hero 3, hopefully soon FPV

    Hey Flittest, hey Flittest fans :) Here is one of my videos: I flew my plane on sight, but now i want to change to FPV. Can you tell me if i can use a Fatshark with an DJI Downlink 5.8GHz transmitter?
  4. tw-ryder

    FT this is all your fault...

    Due to the entertaining nature of your well produced videos, I have suffered great physical abuse, overwork, and constant demands against my time and very limited resources. Most seriously, your group has endeavored not only to make instructional video fun and creative, but Flite Test further...
  5. O

    German Wiki (BatBone)

    Hi there :) We are a RC Community in Switzerland and we watch also a lot of the Flite Test videos. And after building Bat's last year, we now built 3 BatBones. We document all our findings to our Wiki http://rc.oxi.ch. Our Wiki is written mostly in german, so it might be helpful for other...
  6. RoyBro

    Splitting Video

    Ok, so I have my receiver in the case. It has a single set of AV outputs. I need to route the video to the 7" monitor and to the DVR, both of which do not have AV pass-through, and to an external port on the case for the FatSharks. I'm afraid that if I just use an RCA "Y" cable or two to split...
  7. C

    Arttech Parkflyer with a GoPro

    My first post, and my first video. I was bored during the easter holidays, so I bought a 3-ch Arttech Parkflyer and strapped my GoPro Hero3 on it. I added some Billy Idol to the video for extra-funness!! Happy Viewing! http://youtu.be/WlL1YrK-Y7s /Joshi
  8. jamiedco

    Music In Videos listing

    Hello all . i am having a hard time finding music for my videos . so i was wondering if anyone has had the same problem i have also come up with a solution, lets all list the artists and songs that we use . so it will be easier to get music for our videos . this way we will not have to listen...
  9. M

    FPV Compilation

    Post your greatest, highest, fastest, glosest and most beautiful FPV-flights here and enjoy.
  10. I

    Gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera mount?

    Not sure if this is the best topic for this question, but seems appropriate. (Mounted on a multi-rotor, a tri-copter in my case) Does anybody have any experience with a gyro stabilized pan/tilt camera system? If so, was it a pain to set up? Are you happy with the results? Can you share any...
  11. R

    My Dive into FPV

    Just getting started, but of course already hooked too :cool:
  12. jd7792

    Mounting Cameras on the Skysurfer/Bixler....

    I've always had a bit of a problem with the whole “putting the cart before the horse” thing! As a kid I always wanted to run before I could walk and I guess the trait doesn't get any better with age! I still tend to do it! Anyone that has read any of my threads will know that I fly the...
  13. CrackerMcGillicuddy

    Big Flying Wing, Big Glider, Hammer 3D with Lights

    Here's a video I made on Tuesday when we had unusually nice weather in the Pennsylvania/Ohio area. It's my 8.5 foot wingspan Queen Bee flying wing and my 10.5 foot wingspan ASW-19 glider with motor pod (both planes powered by Turnigy) and my scratch-built Hammer 3D-2 (a bit different than the...
  14. R

    Beautiful HD Aerial Footage!

    Put my kodak playsport on my old thrusty wild hawk, this baby is converted to brushless for a smoother flight My specs: battery 1x1600mah 2s 1x1000mah 2s = 2s 2600mah: good for 40 min flight Motor 2212-06 30 a esc orange rx 6ch Here is the video, hope you enjoy!:D...
  15. Evel Knievel

    Extreme Combat at the Hodges Hobbies All Electric Fly-In (HHAEFI) V6 2011

    We had a lot of combat going on at the event last weekend. Here are some videos I pulled off of YouTube. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxgQTbKxydw http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIvIt6pLNBE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf7Z8U4JDn8
  16. T

    Apple i movie!

    I just got a apple Computer and I love I Movie I also use many Different cameras for shooting Videos A Sony Webbie that can be fitted on a hat so I can fly and Film A GOPRO HD Camera for onboard Video and it can also be Fitted on a Hat I have a Canon HD Camera for all my other HD Video Needs...
  17. Michael Cameneti

    Video Production Q&A

    Hi. I'm Michael (DP, Editor, Composer for Flite Test). Feel free to ask questions about what gear we use, what we edit on and how we produce the show here! I'll be glad to answer questions. :)