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voltage regulator

  1. B

    Dead voltage reg on Magnum FC

    I have an emax hawk 5 (Magnum stack) and after it fell out of the sky today I realised the Board wasn’t booting up. The ESC was outputting Vbatt but a multimeter on the 5v outputs on the FC showed only 1.5v. When plugging in the USB, everything booted normally. I’m guessing I have a dead voltage...
  2. kah00na

    UBEC vs Step-Down Voltage Regulator - Best Choice for Camera and TX?

    I'm wanting to run a quad off a 4S battery but need 12 volts for the TX and camera. What is the difference between using a UBEC vs Step-Down Voltage Regulator? Does one provide clean power while the other doesn't? UBEC Pros: UBEC can (most of the time) have a higher output mA. Step Down...
  3. kah00na

    Powering a camera from a 4S battery, Voltage Regulator? Step-down?

    I have a quadcopter that I've been using for FPV. I have one of the Sony cameras mounted on the front. I have been using a separate 2S battery to power the camera and the FatShark 250mw VTX but I want to integrate it all into the power distribution board or the balance port so I only have to...