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  1. A


    Can you guys make an FT VTOL? I think it would be a cool new addition to the FT store. I do not have any ideas so the creativity part is up to you guys. Maybe something like an Osprey.
  2. A

    Need help with my overly ambitious Tilt Rotor project

    So I've taken on quite the project. I'm building an AW609 Tilt rotor as a platform to develop Tilt rotor specific control software. The In order to fit all of my equipment I made this thing pretty large. It runs 2 Cobra 4130/16 390kv motors with Master Airscrew 16x10 3-Blade props. Now if you're...
  3. J

    What Happened to the VTOL's?

    So I'm watching older episodes and noticed that in several of them, the FT gang talk about making Peter's VTOL parts and plans available in the FT store. Now that the Bronco has been out for awhile, I'm wondering if kit VTOL's are in the future? Or will we need to tinker our own?
  4. Sammy

    FliteFest 2016, community build suggestion

    I just read this article on Gizmag about the Joby S2 VTOL: http://www.gizmag.com/joby-s2-tilt-rotor-vtol-multirotor-aircraft-concept/40662/. This might be a nice community build project for Peter for the upcoming FliteFest. 16 (!) (av)rotors ánd VTOL, if that's not right up his alley I don't...
  5. T

    VTOL X-Wing Project

    G'day, I'm Tristan and I'm from Australia. I'll begin by firstly stating that I've had basically no experience with multirotors or RC planes. But I've been watching FliteTest religiously for a couple of years now, and I've learned a hell of a lot. I'll also apologise for the crude, scrap-booky...
  6. HilldaFlyer

    VTOL - Tricopter Blunt Versa Mashup

    VTOL with Tricopter and Blunt Nose Versa The plans for the two were overlaid. The tilt mechanism on the front motors would be a real complicated deal with the "Y" configuration... So, I changed it to a "T" copter and lengthened the rear boom to accommodate the positioning changes. In the...
  7. N

    A3 EDF V-TOL

    the cowls are for 90mm fans and each it rotated by a micro servo in the "wrist". the tail is also set up to put a servo for rudder movement. the fuselage can hold a 6S lipo along with a kk2 and a gimbal in the nose. the hole for the dome is 3in. if anyone has any better ideas please comment and...
  8. T

    X-19 Humming Bird, Where did it go?

    I was surfing through flite test videos and came across one of the first videos with Peter where he showed the X-19 Hummingbird flying (link below). I was wondering if you guys could show how that piece of beauty was put together. Better yet if you guys make it a build video and/or speed-build...
  9. T

    Design suggestion: VTOL using Tough Tilt?

    Hi, I am a huge fan of the VTOL (vertical take off and landing) designs that you show from time to time, and I would really want to know when one like that would be available as a kit. Still waiting for the Chimera... I hope that it's crash didn't canceled the whole project... In that context...
  10. G

    V22 VTOL scratch build??

    My first forum post here. Hope I obeyed all the etiquette. :P Just finished my first scratch build, a 4channel mix of a 300s and a Mustang. Still dialing in the CG. Used lots of tips and tricks from here! So thanks all for the inspiration! But it got me thinking, how cool would it be to have a...
  11. L

    VTOL controllability

    Wanted to run this idea/question by the community, but perhaps it's already been covered elsewhere. Regardless..... I've been running some designs on paper for a 3 motor VTOL design. Yes, I know it's nothing new but wanted to give it a shot anyway. My design will have two motors in the front...
  12. F

    VTOL RC Plane????

    It would be great if you guys could build an electric VTOL plane (such as the harrier jump jet)
  13. Enigma

    Boeing V-22 Osprey - David Windestål

    After watching the Flite Test YouTube videos on David's Tri-Rotor I noticed he complained about the speed of the design in being able to keep up with fixed wing aircraft and I thought the Boeing V-22 Osprey would be able to bridge the gap between fixed wing and multi-rotor. The full-scale design...
  14. F

    What does Josh think of NASA using his Bixler for a VTOL design

    Was on you tube (one of my favorite time wasters) and found this video from NASA AMES flight test center of a modded Bixler (with four motors) that is VTOL. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOJ8TWYUedA I am just curious what Josh thinks about this and whether he has ever considered doing...
  15. P

    New VTOL concept - Hybrid Airplane/tricopter

    Hi guys, I think I invented a new model of VTOL airplane. Correct me if I'm wrong! It's made of blue insulation foam with the hot wire cutting technic. My main goal was to create a model easy to fly without any tilting parts (wings and/or rotors) like are the "Osprey", "AW609" and many...
  16. C

    VTOL Bixler

    Check out what these guys put together. This would be a very cool build for the show. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyVF0xCNMos and another http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShEg93DgbsE
  17. T

    X-19 Hummingbird Scratch Build

    Watching through some of the older episodes I found this - Is there scope for flitetest to have a build episode something along the same lines. Maybe even get Peter on board as a guest for the show.